Work and Car Emergency Kits ?>

Work and Car Emergency Kits

Once you’ve secured your home and first aid kits, the next step is a pack for your car or work. Or both. If you have somewhere to store things at work like a locker or desk, it is a great idea to have a small kit of necessities to get you by in case you happen to get stuck there due to something like road damage.

As for me, I’m a 911 operator. That means if there is an earthquake or other natural disaster or emergency, I am required to not only report to work, but stay there indefinitely as needed. I keep a small tote bag in my locker that has a few things to get me by for 2-3 days.

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I used an old make up bag as a toiletries kit and put a travel size soap, deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrush, tissues, a hair tie, a wash cloth (we have showers) and sanitary products.
In the tote bag I have a tiny Johnson & Johnson first aid kit from the 99 cents store, a few ibuprofen tablets in a small zip lock bag, a protective face mask in another baggie, and a few items of food and utensils which include cup-o-noodles, tuna, oatmeal, raisins, juice boxes and water. I also keep a spare work uniform in a separate bag, this is a requirement at my job.


If you don’t have a place to keep a work kit, or want to have both, your next move is to get a car kit together. There are soo important because most of the time, you are where your vehicle is at.

I am putting these together for my car and a smaller one for Hubby’s work veh (which he rides alone) I like to use small or medium size plastic containers with lids that easily fit in a trunk or under a seat in your vehicle. Inside each kit I’m including:
-an emergency blanket (4 for our family vehicle)
-a mini first aid kit
-protective masks
-a glow stick
– duct tape
-a rain poncho
-a set of fold up glow in the dark cones
-safety flare

Additional items I am adding for comfort or extra supplies are diapers, wipes, a spare change of clothing for each person, a blanket, a few plastic bags, a few dollars for emergencies, a coloring book or game to keep my kids entertained if we get stuck somewhere, a flashlight plus batteries and a small pocketknife.

Follow my series of posts for other emergency kits and preparedness information to keep your family safe

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