10 Small Ways To Show Your Partner Affection ?>

10 Small Ways To Show Your Partner Affection



Often I feel like the I get caught up in the day to day business of work, home stuff, kids stuff, errands, plus a million other things, and forget that it’s been a while since I did something nice for the Hubs. Not the normal cook a meal or pick up dirty socks kinda stuff, I mean actually going out of my way to do something I think he will like or enjoy. Just for him. There are tons of little ‘somethings’ that can express your love or gratitude for the person you share your life with. Here’s my top 10 for when you need a little inspiration.


  1. Pick up their favorite takeout or dessert just because. Like birthday dinner kinda food.
  2. Send a sexy little text message in the middle of the day. You can keep it PG, and no, you don’t have to send nudes. Unless that’s your thing. A quick flirty message is nice, especially when it’s unexpected. Get creative with emojis :)
  3. Hug them. Anytime it occurs to you. Nothing is sweeter or easier than actual physical touch.
  4. Brag about them to someone else when you know they are within earshot.
  5. Footrub. Or backrub. This not so subtle hint goes out to my husband, if you’re reading this… EVERYONE loves a massage, anytime. Your wife included.
  6. Put their favorite song or playlist on while you’re doing a chore or driving somewhere together. Let them have that win, you don’t have to let them know, just do it.
  7. When they’re telling you a story or expressing a concern, make an effort to be very present in the conversation. This one is hard for me, I always have a zillion things running through my head, and it’s not always possible to give someone completely undivided attention. But if/when you can, do. You will notice the other person feels the difference.
  8. Do “their chore” without being asked or making a big deal about it. Not everyday, it is their chore after all, it’s the thing they are responsible for at home, but wouldn’t it be nice to have your usual to-do done, no questions asked?
  9. Pinch their butt, or tell them they look good more often.
  10. Wash their car. For some this is the ultimate sign of love. To clean out someone’s car is to love unconditionally. Go the extra mile and pop an air freshener in that sucker.


Bonus benefit for all of these, they add up interest. No, not the type you point out and collect, but after doing a few of these, you might start to notice some being done back to you. 


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