5 Minute Make Up Tips for Busy Moms ?>

5 Minute Make Up Tips for Busy Moms

Over the years I’ve gone through phases with make up. From obsessive junkie, to occasional social user, to flat out refusal at times. At this stage in my life, I like it, I want to use it more often, but I’m finding that there is no more than 5 to 10 minute window to devote to make up for any given occasion. So this is my fastest routine for anything from a quick errand to a fancy night out (and by fancy I’m talking about any place so prestigious that my husband has to wear actual pants, more on that later). Now I am no make-up guru, and these are not gonna be professional looking results whatsoever, but it’s just enough for a busy mom like me.


The start is a bare minimum, cover-the-bags-under-my-eyes-and-try-to-look-cute look: These products are the ones I use almost daily, and they are worn in and beat up because of it :)


1.Tinted Moisturizer. This is the most prized possession in my makeup bag. It is my best friend in dark, tired times. I use either Clinique Moisture Surge because I have sensitive skin or Neutrogena Shine Control Liquid. They cover under-eye bags pretty well and absorb well so my face doesn’t look cakey. Plus both have SPF, so it saves me time for everyday use. (PS I still slather on regular sunblock if I’m gonna be out in the sun for a while).

2.Mascara. For years I’ve stuck to the tried and true pink/green tube of Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, Blackest Black, but lately I’ve been experimenting and have also really liked Revlon.

3.Matte lip gloss. I discovered this only last year and am now in love. I use NYX or Nabi. They dry almost like a tint and aren’t sticky (to avoid that sexy hair stuck to the lips look). If I’m going with red or have an extra minute, I line and fill my lips with a matching lip liner first. This helps the color last longer.  

4.Brow Powder. How in holy heck did I go so long without using this?!?!? If you suffer from the dreaded post-delivery hair loss like I did, you will know it isn’t limited to the hair on your head. My eyebrows thinned for the first time in my life, and my friends… brow powder is a game changer. Just don’t go overboard. There is a fine line between beautifully full brows and a full chola look.

5.Very light shading around the inside of my lids with an eye liner, mostly on the outer corner. Usually in black, and lately I’ve been using a Sephora one that I found on the rack next to the checkout (they always get me!).



This takes all of 5-7 minutes to apply and works wonders in making me look presentable for most places. Now, if I’m getting ready for a fancy shindig like fancy party (note the term ‘fancy’. I don’t break this out for just any event) I take an extra few minutes and kick it up a few notches with the following:


  1. I exchange my tinted moisturizer for a little Mac cover up that I apply with one of those spongy egg things, which is so much quicker than regular flat sponges for blending and getting those stubborn bags under my eyes subdued.
  2. Mac powder blush. Just a light layer with a soft puffy brush. I like peachy shades for my skin coloring.
  3. Rimmel waterproof liquid eye liner. I’m not too skilled in this department, but I can usually get a somewhat even looking, not-too-drastic, winged look going.
  4. Maybelline finishing powder. This just seals the deal and takes care of any leftover blotchiness.
  5. IF, and only if I have the time, I do a little eye shadow. But with everything else going on in the looking hot department, I usually skip this.   

That’s it my friends. The beauty secrets of one tired mom. This combo hasn’t failed me yet and I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. Now go look pretty you sexy mamas.  

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